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With Labor Day just around the corner, back to school is days away for many students across the nation, and for many others it has already come. That's to be expected, of course, if you're a kid who's not ready to say goodbye to summer break. " are even more bothersome when they come even before the end of July.For grammar watchers, however, they carry an extra measure of irritation.Moving between the link to be taken to the category where the word occurs.There you will see the word itself, its synonyms, and the date of its first recorded occurrence in English.

As a rule, subjects of sentences and objects of prepositions are nouns.we learn in detail how particular words have developed.The Thesaurus adds a new dimension by showing words alongside their synonyms and in relation to words of more general or more specific meaning.then "back-to-school" in "back-to-school shopping" must be a noun, too.Linguists have a word for this use of analogy to produce a kind of reverse derivation of a word: back-formation.

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