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Creating food, water and shelter sources for birds in your backyard is a good first step.You can also volunteer at a local nature center or preserve, Audubon chapter or sanctuary, or national wildlife refuge.Birds are also actively dictionary definition of migratory bird (or other migratory wildlife) is a bird that travels from one place to another at regular times, often over long distances.The regulatory definition of migratory bird is much different. Most native bird species (birds naturally occurring in the United States) belong to a protected family and are therefore protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.You can also donate directly to one of several bird conservation funds, or provide matching funds for bird habitat conservation grants.Through aerial surveys and other monitoring activities, the Migratory Bird Program determines the status of both game and non-game birds. Fish and Wildlife Service is the nation’s premier wildlife conservation agency.

Birds have intrinsic value to people as threads in the earth’s ecological tapestry, as pollinators, predators and prey.

The Fish and Wildlife Service annually publishes migratory game bird regulations in the Federal Register.state hunting state license (and any associated stamps or other documents), all waterfowl hunters age 16 and over must purchase and carry a current Federal Duck Stamp each year.

There are many ways to buy Duck Stamps, including the Electronic Duck Stamp (E-Stamp).

Such take may be with or without the aid of artificial light, infrared or laser sighting devices, or night vision devices.

In addition, pursuant to 6 (D) (3) any person who is authorized to possess a firearm suppressor may use a firearm fitted with a sound suppressor when taking outlaw quadrupeds, nutria or beaver.

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