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Physical disabilities and other life situations can leave a woman unable to complete certain tasks.Since my disease has destroyed my hands, I have difficulty doing the things I once did every day.One of the first steps to solving a problem is acknowledging there is one.As we accept our limitations instead of denying them, we’re one step closer to peace.Some operate a lot like social networks, where people can come together in order to discuss various topics such as their disability and how it affects them.With our mobile ready website you can enjoy your dating experience wherever you go.So make sure to be liberal with your search radius. It could even be an anonymous one that doesn't show up on the profile, but helps in the algorithm many sites use that pairs people together.Disable dating sites are not only focused on those looking for love…

Social media creates an illusion of flawless, filtered women who resemble supermodels with six-pack abs, three kids, a five-bedroom house, three dogs, and who cook three-course meals every day in the perfect marriage.

For many years now society has had an influence on setting standards women are expected to abide by.

Cooking, cleaning, childbearing, and cuteness are a few fundamental C’s when being scoped out by a potential mate.

In our series on disability, sex and relationships, expert and resident agony aunt Tuppy who runs Outsiders — a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship answers your.

Another nice feature is their Profile Wizard which takes the pain out of creating a profile.

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Our hands are the central point of our livelihoods, and I didn’t realize that until mine became almost useless.

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