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If the Spleen Meridian is weak, it can’t feed into the Heart Meridian and therefore give it energy, and if this becomes a chronic condition, heart attacks can result and is the reason according to Donna why a very high percentage of heart attacks occur between 9-11AM (during Spleen time), because the heart is not receiving the energy and flow it needs from Spleen.I double checked the facts on this through a quick google search and found it to be congruent with western medical findings in terms of the most common time of day that people have a heart attack.You are working with your own body to move energy into a more balanced and vital state.

This is where we need that fight or flight response which is in total connection to the Triple Warmer Meridian.

Stress is an incredibly complex and immediate whole body response to a – the body doesn’t differentiate between what is real or imagined.

Thus, if you are in a state of continual stress about threats (real or imagined), your body will deal with them in the same way.

The problem with Triple Warmer being so powerful in our modern age of excess stimulation is that it interrupts the flow of all the other meridians.

This is because our body has not yet evolved to keep up with the way technology has evolved and all the modern day stresses.

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