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One variant of the scam may date back to the 18th or 19th centuries, as a very similar letter, entitled "The Letter from Jerusalem", is seen in the memoirs of Eugène François Vidocq, a former French criminal and private investigator. One of these, sent via postal mail, was addressed to a woman's husband, and inquired about his health.

Another variant of the scam, dating back to circa 1830, appears very similar to what is passed via email today: "Sir, you will doubtlessly be astonished to be receiving a letter from a person unknown to you, who is about to ask a favour from you...", and goes on to talk of a casket containing 16,000 francs in gold and the diamonds of a late marchioness. It then asked what to do with profits from a .6 million investment, and ended with a telephone number.

The number "419" refers to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud, the charges and penalties for offenders.

Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna looked lovely in latex when they stepped out to film for Nicki’s latest music video.

The stars both looked glam in their figure flattering pieces, but perhaps the more wearable of the two was Nicki’s.

Chyna played Nicki's body double in Kanye West's Monster video in 2010.

Also on Thursday Tyga gave a radio interview where he said he warned Rob about Chyna, saying she was hard to handle.

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