Office dating etiquette

But what leads coworkers to act on their attraction, to take that extra step and get involved?

The speculation hurt Lisa's credibility and she eventually resigned.

On the negative side, Your office "mate" is never more than 50 yards away, and because you talk about office gossip all the time, your professional and personal life tend to blend together.

You go home with a coworker and you end up talking about work all night.

You must know the rules first and in certain cases they can be bent—not broken," says Nan De Mars, author of You Want Me to Do What? De Mars advises that (no matter how unromantic it sounds) people go to HR and find out what the rules are before getting involved with a coworker.

But if you simply can't resist getting your kicks on company time, "do it through your Hotmail or Yahoo account," as Lisa advises.

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Although your company may not be legally able to hold it against you, be safe and assume that an office relationship will be frowned upon.

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