Updating your antivirusanti malware without internet connection datingassessor rurouni kenshin

With a firewall enabled, your computer will be protected from many network-based threats and attacks.

Windows-based computers will have a firewall enabled by default.

Fortunately, new Windows and Mac computers are typically configured for automatic security updates by default.

By adjusting the settings in your browser you can significantly increase security while online and minimize the threat of picking up a virus or other malware from infected websites.

Mac OS X users may wish to download Sophos a free virus scanner for Mac OS X.

Don't leave your computer unattended anywhere on campus on in your car in order to prevent theft.

Feel free to contact EITS if you have any concerns about securing your personal computer via the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.

We know the internet is full of threats these days, but luckily staying informed about the wide range of threats that you might encounter online is a big part of the solution for your problems.

Windows users should consider using Ninite to automate or at least simplify application updates.

Operating system updates are also critical for security, and Windows and Mac users should configure their computer for automatic security updates whenever possible.

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Some browsers also allow add-ons, which give the user more control over content and how it is displayed.

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