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Next PVR is a popular free personal video recorder application for Microsoft Windows, making it easy to watch or record live tv, and provides great features like series recordings, web scheduling, playing music, video and image files, Kodi/XBMC integration etc.

Otherwise the webcam will not get enough power to turn on.Watch your game play on your HD TV while recording your game on your PCs disk drive. With our "no delay passthrough", you can play your game on a TV monitor while recording.And the recording will not slow down your PC since the encoding is done inside HD PVR 60!Warning; If you give it internet access via port forwarding this does take up quite a bit of bandwidth, and anyone can see your webcam feed, so only show what you want people to see 😉 Technology enthusiastic with many ongoing online projects one of which is this personal blog Ping Bin.While also working full time within a data center designing and maintaining the network infrastructure.

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